Solar Savings For Business

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Saving with Solar Panels (PV)

With a solar panel solution such as the Grid-Tied System, businesses can cut energy costs to zero. Solar Systems can have a relatively short payback period of time. This allows your business to benefit from free electricity for many years to come.

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Solar Geysers

There are four kinds of solar geyser installations:

  • Close Couple  Thermosyphon
  • Split Thermosyphon
  • Split Pumped
  • Retrofit.

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Hot Water Solutions

Solar geysers can help any business using hot water, save on electricity bill. Depending on the size of your business, a series of solar geysers may be installed to serve all hot water needs. Geyser installations, starting from R12,900 with 10 year warranty.

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More On Solar Panels For Business

Grid Tied System

An effective way to cut energy costs for homes and businesses. A Grid-Tied Solar System uses solar panels (PV panels) to power up the home or business and through a smart meter, puts electricity back into the national grid, offsetting any costs that may be incurred by using the national grid.

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Off-Grid System

Ideal for the remote location with high connection charges and dedicated lines incurring additional monthly charges. For example the complete cost, of a recent Off-Grid installation, was only marginally higher than the National Grid connection charge would have been.

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Hybrid System

A combination of both, Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Solar System, the hybrid system does what the Grid-Tied System can do while providing en energy back up system to store excess power. Any excess power that is not stored in the batteries is then pushed into the National grid.

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