Solar Savings For Home Users

Totally Solar provides reliable and sustainable solar solutions for the home.

Top quality PV systems and geysers for any size home. Invest in your home’s future today.

Saving with Solar Panels (PV)

PV or Photovoltaic panels, convert light into electricity. The electricity can then either be stored in batteries for later use or put back into the grid, which will deduct from your electricity bill. PV panels provide sustainable solutions for home energy. They are suitable for all size homes. Available PV solutions include Off-Grid, Grid-Tied and Hybrid.

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Saving With Solar Geysers

There are four kinds of solar geyser installations:

  • Close Couple  Thermosyphon
  • Split Thermosyphon
  • Split Pumped
  • Retrofit.

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Hot Water Solutions

Geysers make up to 40% of total household electricity bill. Change that with Solar geysers.

  • From R12,900 including installation
  • 10 years warranty
  • Two configuration options
  • Reliable support

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